Do You Like Greek and Roman Myths?

A Junior Book Review from 3rd Grader, Barack Schaal.


For those who like Greek and Roman myths Rick Riordan’s series, The Heroes of Olympus is a good choice.

The first book in the series is The Lost Hero.  The main characters  are Jason, Piper and Leo. Jason is the son of Jupiter, who is the Roman form of Zeus. Piper is the daughter of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Leo is the son of Hephaestus the god of mechanics.  In The Lost Hero, Jason, Piper, and Leo all go on a quest to free Hera, the goddess of marriage, but they don’t realise they are themselves are the children of a god or goddess until they use their godly powers in combat.

 One of my favourite parts is when Jason, Piper, and Leo are on their way to free Hera and they stumble across an old king who turns people to gold by touching them. Piper is turned to gold, but Jason and Leo defeat the old king, allowing Piper to recover, although when she does, she wakes up with hypothermia.

Another favourite is when they face the king of the giants, Polyphemus.  They fight him in an intense battle with the help of The Wolf House and the goddess, Hera. This causes Polyphemus and his army to retreat back to where they live.

Other favourites include the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon quickly turns dangerous, as the worst bullies of the class become cyclops and fight them and in the sewers when Leo magically cooks up tofu tacos with his super mechanic powers.

Especially entertaining is when Jason, Piper, and Leo all go to Mount Othrys. On their way to free Piper’s Dad, they have an encounter with the female leader of the Cyclops. They have to work hard to defeat her.

A part of the book I found funny was that the monsters are so gullible.  Another humorous part is that the lady in the hardware store could talk Jason and Leo into doing anything. However she could not talk Piper into anything.

The Lost Hero is  appropriate for anyone ages eight and over. In my opinion this book was written mostly for boys, but I’m sure girls would enjoy it as well. I rate this book  a 7/10.   It was not my all-time favourite, but it was still  good because of the action and godly powers used.