Student Athlete – Ice Hockey

Martina, an 11th grade student at SIS, is currently playing ice hockey on the Italian national team, as well as the Swedish Women’s Hockey League (SDHL).

Martina started playing ice hockey 4 years ago, and her talent was quickly discovered. She currently plays as a goalie on various teams, including the Italian national team. For 3 games in a row she won the “best player of the game” title, and for one of her recent tournaments, she was awarded the “best goalie of the tournament” title.

With the Italian national team she has played various international games against Austria, Hungary, Germany, and several teams from the US. She’s an extremely dedicated athlete, describing ice hockey as a big part of her life. She really enjoys training, always training at least 2 hours every day. Sometimes she even trains 4 hours in one day, and on weekends sometimes up to 6 hours. This is because she plays on various teams, including a boys ’03 team, the women’s team of her club, and the SDHL.

Not only is she an extremely dedicated athlete, she’s also a very dedicated student. Due to her commitment to the sport, she often has to miss school. She says she keeps up with the schoolwork by working ahead in certain subjects, and she often uses her time on the plane to Italy to study. She always keeps up with the assignments on ManageBac, and she works even harder when she comes back to school in order to catch up with anything she missed.

Martina has many goals she is working hard towards accomplishing. Her initial goal was to be scouted to play with the Swedish Women’s Hockey League (SDHL), which she has already partially accomplished, considering she has played 2 games with them so far, and hopefully many more to come. Furthermore, she hopes to continue playing for the Italian national team and move up to the senior women’s national team in a few years. For university she wants to go to the US, hopefully on a hockey scholarship. She said her ideal university would be Boston University, or even an Ivy League university.

Martina is well on her way to accomplishing her goals and hopes to continue playing ice hockey in the future. SIS is lucky to have such talented, passionate students like Martina.