SIS Unites Across Cultures

Ambassador of Brazil

SIS has been celebrating UN day for more than a decade. And also this year. UN day is the day where students can engage international event with  pride. October 24th was UN day. SIS celebrated this UN day by having special event. It had two main parts – a speech and a parade. 

The ambassador of Brazil gave a student a speech about what is the UN, what is the goal of the UN, and how the UN works. According to him, the UN is basically the organisation that was established to achieve world peace. The UN has several rules to follow, and any country in the UN has to follow those rules. They were basically created to help the world to achieve world peace.

After the speech, all of the students in SIS gathered into separate groups, depending on which nationalities they identify with. Then the parade started. Each nation had gigantic flags, which they held up high while they walked around the church front of the school’s main building. Many students dressed up in their national costumes or colours and it was awesome. 

UN day is important because it celebrates these amazing diversity at SIS, and it also reminds us about culture and living together harmoniously.