MUN 2021—What is going to happen?


This year has brought only misfortunes upon MUN 2021. At this point, most of SIS is certainly curious to know what will happen. “Is it still happening?” “Where does the MUN department currently stand with their decision-making?” Therefore, to get a peek inside the heart of MUN in pursuit of an answer, on behalf of the MUN Media Team, my task was to interview Ms. Sethi. I had the opportunity to interview Ms. Sethi herself in person and learn the details regarding this year’s situation and how it will be handled. The key is to ‘stay enthusiastic’, as Ms. Sethi told the team. 

So for those who don’t know, Ms. Khan and Mr. Kleinsmith are the two key pillars that work together with the DP and MYP to organize and create conferences and everything else in MUN. Ms. Sethi oversees everything planned in the department – plans logistics and budgeting with them. This year, however, has been unusual, to say the least. “Usually, it is a straightforward flatline, but at a pandemic, there has been a lot of decision-making put into the MUN 2021. Not just decision-making, but everything that has come with the pandemic.” 

Being on the outside of it all, one might be oblivious to the planning behind this year’s MUN. So the question is, how does Ms. Sethi see the situation? 

“I feel that it is very unfortunate. Not only all the issues with the fundamental SISMUN event, but in addition, the Middle School’s enrichment program who have not had the opportunity to practically implement their 6 months of hard work and planning.” So many modifications have already been made to SISMUN. It was going to take place, only in a different manner, with only people within SIS taking part and excluding other schools around Europe. “Since the situation was constantly changing at the beginning of January, as regulations and recommendations were put in place and were becoming more strict, we figured postponing it would be the most viable solution—which it certainly was at the time.” 

“There is no exact answer to SISMUN happening. We do not know ourselves—it is possible that we might not have it, or it ends up being online. But then again, we want there to be constant enthusiasm and engagement like there usually is. It’s really going to be a challenge this year. But nothing is impossible.”


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