The Walking Dead


Based on a Comic Book Series

Developer: Frank Darabont

Starring: Andrew Lincoln as Rick. He is very cool.

 2010 – Present

“The Walking Dead” is a TV series that has been praised over and over again for its ingenuity and originality. What many may not know is that it is originally based on a comic book series (which is still ongoing). However, the series’ plot has gone its own way and turned into a huge hit on American televisions. The show does not only look into surviving zombies, but it explores how the apocalypse both mentally and physically affects someone. If this show might seem a little scary to watch, watch it with a friend! It’s always nice to talk about “last night’s episode” with a friend while either in awe or terrified.

The Plot: Rick (Andrew Lincoln) wakes up one day in an abandoned hospital after having been in a stable state for about a month. With no one around, he struggles to understand what has happened or where he is. Once he leaves the hospital, he slowly begins to comprehend his situation. After finding another human being, Rick is told about the zombie (or “walkers”) apocalypse and sets out to find his family. His first destination is Atlanta, but he is still not even sure that it is safe. Will Rick find his family or get cornered by the overwhelming amount of “walkers”?

If you want to find out, I suggest you start watching right now. If you have yet to be convinced, think about it this way. Who isn’t watching “The Walking Dead” right now? Almost no one… You might just be the only one, so start streaming right now (it is on Netflix).

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