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A student works alone on her laptop, the glaring white logo of Pamoja online courses bright on the screen

Your survival guide to DP online courses!

Most DP students at SIS choose between the subjects offered on-campus, but some students, including editor and reporter Josefine S., take their sixth class online. What is the Pamoja Education platform, and how can you use it to maximize your success in the Diploma Program?
Josefine S., Editor and reporter January 21, 2022

Pamoja Education is an online learning platform that offers a variety of DP courses, among other programs such as the IGCSE. At SIS, students can choose one Pamoja class for their sixth subject choice...

The Secret Art of Passing the IB Diploma: Everything you need to know about IB

The Secret Art of Passing the IB Diploma: Everything you need to know about IB

What does it take to do well in IB? Shanmathi reviews a book that claims to teach us, written by a former IB student.
Shanmathi J., Reporter January 18, 2022

  What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think “IB”? Stress, deadlines, procrastination, all-nighters? By the time you finish this book, maybe your thoughts will have changed....

The Last Time We Say Goodbye: A bitter-sweet story

The Last Time We Say Goodbye: A bitter-sweet story

Hope you’ve all had a nice break. Here is this years first review, enjoy. More news and views to come soon.
Efoda A., Reporter/reviewer January 12, 2022

(Trigger warnings: Suicide, depression, anxiety)   You know the feeling you get when you hold your breath for a long time? How everything around you stops moving. How your heart begins to beat...

“For the greatest benefit to humankind” – what the Nobel Prize means in today’s world

“For the greatest benefit to humankind” – what the Nobel Prize means in today’s world

The QQ hopes you are all enjoying the holiday season and would like you to take a moment to look back at the Nobel Evening in December. We will be back with more news and views when school begins.
Mariana , Reporter January 5, 2022

On Monday, December the 6th Stockholm International School hosted the Nobel Evening Event at the Nobel Prize Museum. One of the main features of the programme was a talk from the invited guest speaker:...

Illustration by Misha P.

Swamped: How it feels to be drowning in assignments

4,000 words. 16 months. The Extended Essay is coming to a close for the Grade 12 students, and our reporters have mixed feelings. QQ writers Josefine S. and Jiyoon K. offer their opinions leading up to the final EE submission.
Josefine S. and Jiyoon K. December 15, 2021

Josefine in the weeks leading up to the EE final submission Take a look around the OPG building right now. What do you see? You might spot a bunch of stress and dehydrated twelfth graders hunched over...

And the Halloween Winners are...

And the Halloween Winners are…

December 1, 2021

Finally, we are able to announce the winners of our Halloween short story competition.   We had many great entries and were surprised by the content and variety of the stories.  Entries came from all...

Where Can You Find Vegetarian Sushi?

Where Can You Find Vegetarian Sushi?

Continuing with our restaurant reviews, we now bring you a vegetarian option!
Shanmathi J., Reporter November 18, 2021

With the introduction of the Upper School lunch card system in August 2020, students have been given much more choice in what they would like to eat. Though, for those that are vegetarian, options at most...

Six of Crows: Six People, One Impossible Heist

Six of Crows: Six People, One Impossible Heist

A new reporter, Aaratrika, brings us this exciting review of a book by Leigh Bardugo.
Aaratrika P., Reporter November 13, 2021

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, set in the Grishaverse alongside her popular Shadow and Bone trilogy, is a duology (Six of Crows + Crooked Kingdom) that follows six young adults in their mission to pull...

Diversity on Display - UN Day 2021

Diversity on Display – UN Day 2021

Aaratrika P., Reporter October 29, 2021

On Monday, the 25th of October, all of SIS’s students— hundreds of different cultures and nationalities— came together to celebrate UN day. To showcase the diversity of the school, a parade was...

Illustration by Misha P.

More Korean Drama in “D.P. – The Police of Soldiers.”

Jiyoon K. reviews yet another Korean Netflix series. Warning: you have to be 16+ to watch this!
Jiyoon K., Reporter October 29, 2021

Have you ever had an obligation you wanted to run away from? For many men in South Korea, this would be the mandatory military service that they must undergo between the ages 18 and 28. The service...

Is the DP as scary as it sounds?

Is the DP as scary as it sounds?

Simona R., Reporter October 27, 2021

Is DP as scary as it sounds? Besides having new buildings and new students, there's a new experience for 11th graders which is the Diploma Program. It is the last school step for IB students, which...

Yummy, yummy! 
Art by Misha P.

Sushi at Ikki Not Yucky!

This is the first in a series of restaurant reviews by our reporters Efoda and Kaitlyn.
Efoda A and Kaitlyn O October 20, 2021

Being in grades 10-12, we’ve gotten adjusted to eating out during lunch. As we continue to eat out the options become overused and boring. Yet eating at new places can be a bit daunting. That’s...

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