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Halloween by Misha

Halloween Story Competition

The first competition for the QQ is now up and running.
Simona R., Reporter October 12, 2021

Participate in a Halloween short story competition! Grades 6-12 Write a short horror story. Not too scary though! Here are the requirements: You must be a student at SIS. It must be typed ...

Squid Game: The nostalgic yet deadly playground

Squid Game: The nostalgic yet deadly playground

Jiyoon K., Reporter October 7, 2021

Everyone has a game that reminds them of their childhood. Games such as hide and seek, and tag which have a simple set of rules yet lie deep within our memories. But what if you could make a great fortune...

Students playing table tennis.

New Year, New Building – Welcome to the OPG!

Where are all the DP students? Mia A, a grade 11 student, has written about where you can find them!
Mia A., Reporter October 4, 2021

A new school year, a new beginning, and now a new building. As many of you know a new building has been added to our community. The OPG building. It has become home to DP’s 11 and 12th graders. Located...

Illustrator Misha P.

iPad vs MacBook

The QQ has been on summer holidays, but we are now returning with a new team of reporters. The first article out is by grade 11 students, Efoda and Shanmathi. Here is their report on the iPad takeover!
Efoda A. and Shanmathi J. September 15, 2021

With the new campus and new technology, the start of the IBDP has been nothing short of eventful for the class of 2023. The change from laptops to iPads has been a major point of discourse over the past...

Saga and Thomas - speakers at the graduation ceremony 2021

Graduation 2021, Pandemic-Style

The Quirky Quibbler marks its last article of the year with Thomas and Saga's virtual graduation speeches. Great job, Grade 12s, and the QQ wishes all of its readers a wonderful summer!
Saga W. and Thomas H., Graduate Speakers June 11, 2021

Thomas: Hello and Welcome to the teachers and faculty here today and to all the families and friends with us on the live stream. But most importantly welcome SIS class of 2021, today is our day.  Saga:...

An Imaginary Vacation - A Pandemic Reflection

An Imaginary Vacation – A Pandemic Reflection

With the coronavirus pandemic going on, vacations over the summer are very limited. Watch this creative video by Simona in 10th grade, who dreams about going on a wonderful imaginary trip!
June 10, 2021

Hats up! Its Utspring 2021!

Hats up! It’s Utspring 2021!

Josefine S., Editor and reporter June 10, 2021

The 12th graders celebrated their newfound freedom last week with "utspring," the Swedish tradition of running out of school with your student hats on. The weather seemed to acknowledge this joyous event...

A Resume for Covid 19

A Resume for Covid 19

Imagine if Covid-19 wrote its own CV. Simona R in grade 10 did exactly that. Here is her resume for the corona virus. This is an entry in our 'Reflections of a pandemic' competition.
Simona R, Guest writer June 9, 2021


An Unexpected 2 years

An Unexpected 2 years

Another entry in our pandemic reflections competition. This time by Ellen K who has also experienced life in Hong Kong and Sweden.
Ellen K. E. , Guest writer June 8, 2021

Everyone knows that the last year and a half haven’t been what we all expected but for me even 9 months before that was weird. I’m Swedish but before coming back here I lived in Hong Kong and as some...

Reflection of Life During a Pandemic

Reflection of Life During a Pandemic

This is our first entry in the 'Reflections of life during a pandemic'. Matuesz compares life in Hong Kong to that in Sweden.
Mateusz S-G., Guest writer June 8, 2021

The pandemic COVID-19 began late December 2019/early January 2020, right before my move from Sweden to Hong Kong. At first, nothing really seemed different from how starting in a new school usually was,...

Virtual Visual Arts 2021

This year's grade 12 art exhibition was a little different. QQ reporter Elakkiya guides you through the changes and introduces the students' work.
Elakkiya S., Reporter June 5, 2021

What is the visual arts exhibition? What's different this year? The visual arts exhibition is a culmination of the 12th-grade art student's best work in the art course. The exhibition takes place every...

Fueling Education, One Child at a Time: The Nepal Project

Fueling Education, One Child at a Time: The Nepal Project

Josefine S., Editor and reporter May 25, 2021

Since 2014, The Nepal Project has played an important role in supporting the Shila Devi school since it was significantly damaged in a series of earthquakes. With the help of Stockholm International School’s...

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