The Quirky Quibbler

2021-2022 Staff

Editor and Reporter

Josefine S.

Josefine S. is a DP2 student with a passion for writing, music, and much more. She joined the Quirky Quibbler in 2020 and writes a variety of articles, with genres ranging from school news to creative writing. Be sure to keep...

Misha P.

Misha P.

Misha is a DP student who is in charge of making illustrations for the Quirky Quibbler articles. He enjoys drawing fun and silly cartoons for the newspaper. He hopes the readers will be entertained and amused with the quirky illustrations...

Social media, reporter

Simona R.

Simona is hardworking DP student who contributes alot to the Quirkyquibbler. She manages social media, comes up with events and sometimes writes articles.


Elakkiya Sathish

Elakkiya is a DP2 student who joined the Quirky Quibbler in 2021! She strives to help give you entertaining and informative content. You'll surely come across her work this year :)


Jiyoon K.

Jiyoon is a DP2 student who has been writing for the Quirky Quibbler since 2020. Besides her academic interests in natural sciences, she has a great passion for watching films and writing film reviews. Stay tuned in for her series...

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