Personal Project

Angela W., Reporter

Image 1
Photographer: Angela W. Dorothy’s traditional Kenyan gourds.

‘Personal Project!’ ‘Process journal!’ ‘Report!’ these were the words heard from one end of the school corridors to another. The 10th graders have been working tooth and nail to finish all their projects and produce the best of the kind. Finally, on the 21st of January, the students got an opportunity to showcase their projects to their teachers, friends, families and fellow students. Mr. Hume, The MYP Coordinator, started off the evening with an outstanding speech to congratulate the students, teachers, parents and support staff for the wonderful work they had done to make the evening a success.

The students were given an opportunity to address the crowd and explain what they had done. The room was full of creative projects, from ‘History of Serbian knitting’ to ‘Natural facial products.’ Parents got a chance to see all projects and get a clear insight into the process behind them. The students were then congratulated on their effort and achievement. 

“It is not an easy task, you need a lot of planning to ensure everything is in order and to make your project is successful but all the same I’m happy with my product,” said Dorothy Wasike who created a traditional gourd to symbolise the Kenyan culture. Chloe Kendall who created natural skin care products said, “I feel this is a good platform for my future career. As much as it was tough, I managed to do a lot and got a vast variety of knowledge through immense research.”

Their advice to the next year’s students is to plan their work effectively and always be on time with the deadlines.

Image 3
Photographer: Mikal B. Chloe’s natural skin care products.