Bonding over Football

 Football has always been a way for people to come together. Regardless of nationality, everyone bonds over football games. Big events, such as the World Cup, is a time when people from all over the world tune in at the same time to cheer for their favourite team. Sometimes in a big group of people, when you don’t really know everyone, all you need is a ball. When you start playing, all differences fall aside. There’s only the game and your team members. It’s a game for everyone and that’s why it is enjoyed by so many people. It has a whole culture with it. Whether you’re a fan or not, we all see that football fans form great community.

William A. from 11th grade started a CAS project, where SIS students play football matches with refugees. It is a great opportunity to spend time with the refugees and get to know them. We hear about refugees all the time in the media but we barely ever get a chance to meet them or talk to them. This is what creates so many biases and untrue statements about them. By just spending time with them, having conversations, we can see that they’re just like us. Through this project anyone who likes playing football can get engaged. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a boy or a girl. Even if you’re not playing you can still come to watch the game and cheer for your friends.

Being a refugee is hard. By organizing the matches we can try to make them feel welcome and show that other people their age want to spend time with them. It’s a great opportunity to interact with those boys, have conversations and learn something new. The project is a very thoughtful idea and a great way to meet the refugees. It’s also a way of educating people on this issue

William got his idea after talking to Ms. Smith. When she told him that refugees loved playing football he knew what his CAS project should be. When asked if he thinks that he’s helping refugees through his project he said, “I definitely think playing football is a great way for the refugees to get contact with the people within their new society. This might help them to integrate into society and practice their Swedish. It is also a great opportunity for the refugees to develop their football skills.”

The football games take place on the weekends and everyone is welcome to come. If you’re interested in taking part, come and talk to William for more details.