From Sweden with love…

Nepal Project

As a member of the ‘Nepal project’, I feel entitled to inform you about the most basic information regarding our school, and its involvement with the Shiva Deli school in Nepal. The ‘Nepal project’ was set up by a group of 11th graders who believe in making a difference in less fortunate people’s lives. The long term aim of this group is to support the school and the kids as much as we can through generosity, motivation and determination until the school becomes developed enough to become self-sustainable.

The short term goals are to supply the children with a basic lunch everyday, along with decent shoes and uniform. Some of the kids travel 1 hour with bare feet and another hour back home after school. Their school contains 1 computer, however they do not have internet… and the building has no isolation and no carpet. The temperatures and climate in Nepal in the winter can be dreadfully low, and we just want to bring them a little comfort in their tough daily lives. We would also provide basic school equipment such as workbooks, pens, pencils etc… which would greatly help the development of their knowledge and would make it easier for teachers to teach properly with good lesson structures.

Our first fundraising activity consists of a silent auction of baskets made by Kindergarten to 5th grade. Each grade will have worked in class to agree on a theme for the basket and every child will contribute with one article for the baskets. Once completed, these will be put on display on Friday the 2nd of April. As parents, you will be able to bid on whichever basket you most desire and the lucky winner of each basket will then take a basketful of prizes home with them!

Any other fundraising ideas are welcome and encouraged to be passed forward to the ‘Nepal project’, we will do our best to try and organise it!

Kind regards,

‘The Nepal project’