Swedish Gymnasium: How to?

The first in our gymnasium series, here is a simple summery on what to expect if applying.


The new year is fast approaching, and with it comes the time for gymnasium applications. Some ninth and possibly tenth graders are in the middle of making their decisions about what to do next and we at the Quirky Quibbler thought we’d give a helping hand!

Application Period:

January to February is the first application period. This is when you decide which schools you want to apply to and order them by preference. Be sure to have more than one school.

Mid-April to Mid-May is when you have the opportunity to make changes to your application or to apply if you were unable to in the first period.


For your application, you need to submit your fall semester grades and later submit your overall end-of-year grades. It is advised to have two recommendation letters from teachers. Bear in mind, your teachers are busy so ask in advance if you want them to write a letter of recommendation. 

How to Apply: 

If you’re living in Stockholm you will receive an email (or letter) with login credentials allowing you to apply online. In terms of transferring grades speak to your counselor. 

More information:

Here is a website with information for Stockholm Gymnasium application

Here is the email to the school counselor: [email protected] Contact her if you have any questions or want to set up a meeting.