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Math Prep - Preparation for Math MYPs Competitions
Math Prep - Preparation for Math MYP's Competitions
Bruno R., Reporter

What’s happening during the lessons? During each class, students are just solving math problems on different difficulty levels. Together,...

Junior Girls Gold
Breaking Records and Soaring High
James B. and Varun G.

From challenges to triumphs, here is an inside perspective on the upcoming tournaments and the thriving sports community at SIS. Who is Mr....

The current multilingual section in the library with lots of empty space
Book in Many Languages - Multilingual books wanted
Akira I., Guest writer on behalf of grade 10 EAL

The Current situation The current situation in the library is sad. There are only a few non-English books available in the middle school. ...

Photo comp poster
Changing Seasons Photo Competition
Noemi L., Competition editor

Who has been enjoying the almost pitch-black darkness, which has taken over the city of Stockholm?  Not me, that’s for sure. Just a couple...

MUN Trip to Berlin
MUN Trip to Berlin
David L., Editor/Reporter

Nine of my fellow upper school students and I traveled to Berlin to partake in BERMUN (Berlin Model United Nations) hosted by the John F. Kennedy...

The Mighty Beast, DP

Emry P. is new the the QQ and new to DP. She asked other students in grade 11 about how they are feeling at the start of the IBDP.
Graph of survey results

With the start of a new year and new campus Grade 11 students are also finding something new particularly looming. The “Core Day” trilogy included presentations introducing new DP students to the core of IB, involving Theory of Knowledge (TOK), higher level classes and their assignments, and an introduction to CAS and the Extended Essay. 

According to the International Baccalaureate, in the article Strengths of the DP, it “inspires students to become intellectual, ethical and culturally aware lifelong learners who study multiple languages, excel academically, and have the desire to learn.” It strives to create an environment for students to focus on the topics they’re interested in and potentially have a desire to study in further education. This year, the graduating class of 2025 entered the DP curriculum. Their first three days of school are referred to as “Core Days”. Each day the students were informed of a different core to the DP curriculum including, the Extended Essay, CAS, Theory of Knowledge, and in their classes each class-specific Internal Assessment. After students’ week of “Core Days” and their first week of DP classes, one question hangs in the air. How are the students feeling? In a survey sent out to Grade 11, we see these results. 

Looking at the graph, you can see that the most stressful aspect of the core students must tackle is the Extended Essay, a 4,000-word essay stretching over the next two years of DP, followed by Higher Level classes and Individual Assessments. CAS and TOK are considered the least stressful aspect of the core for new DP students. 

Students expressed not just pressure from the tasks ahead, but of added pressure from the teachers and were overwhelmed with the information in the first week of school. From the survey, students say they know the gravity of the work they’re doing, understanding that the next two years are going to be difficult and their success is essential but would rather have support from their teachers instead of emphasizing the difficulty of the tasks ahead. Another speed bump on the road to success is management. Students conveyed that they struggle with time management, studying habits, and the delicate balance of student and personal life. All skills students are working to build that could be reinforced by the support of their teachers. Students honing their skills, as well as balanced students and managing the stress of their classes, have all expressed that they feel that they can go to their teachers when confused or in need of help. 

When asked what Grade 11 students would change, many suggested starting in MYP. While the majority of students in Grade 11 did MYP and felt that it prepared them well for DP, these students suggested it would have been good to know more about the core subjects before starting the DP.  . Ideas included having a DP student share their experiences in DP with grade 10, offering tips, and clarification, and answering any questions. That way when Grade 10 students start DP, they would  be more  familiar with the core subjects , potentially decreasing  the overall stress of the  first week.

The journey for Grade 11 students is exciting. It will be difficult but it will also be rewarding. Though the tasks seem daunting now, the support of teachers, the resilience students display, and the passion students have to tackle the future, will turn this monstrous mission into a satisfying victory.

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  • N

    Nazli MottalebiSep 25, 2023 at 18:26

    I think the idea of DP students or even teachers have a session of introduction to DP with grade 10 students is a fantastic idea! It’s an absolute must! Please convey this to the upper school principal and make sure it happens! Thank you and good luck Al DP students.. you got this!