Super Smash Bros Wii. U


Platform: Wii U

Average Price: 500 SEK

Publisher: Nintendo

Year of Release: 2014

Super Smash Bros Wii U might have been one of the most anticipated games of 2014. The Wii U had not been selling as well in the previous year, and aside from Mario Kart 8, there weren’t too many recognized titles. Being the 4th game of the series, Super Smash Bros Wii U was hyped up to a maximum as the public had been waiting for it since 2008 (when Super Smash Bros Brawl came out for Wii).

Did it live up to the hype it received?

It did more than just that.

The game went on to be the best selling Wii U game alongside Mario Kart 8 and received several “Game of the Year” awards despite only having come out in November.

Super Smash Bros Wii U is a Nintendo fighting game that involves many features:

Nintendo-only playable characters such as: Mario, Donkey Kong, Luigi, and other fan favorites

Unique stages with themes relating to different Nintendo games

Guest character appearances from games aligned with Nintendo such as: Shulk and Sonic

New playable mode with up to 8 players

Single player modes such as: Events, All-Star, Classic

The game provides a fun “free-for-all” experience, as the idea is to invite friends over and get the fight started. Online multiplayer modes have also been added for those that prefer fighting on their own.

If you have any feelings of nostalgia for certain Nintendo characters, you are bound to relive some fun moments with Super Smash Bros Wii U.

It’s definitely a game to buy a Wii U for as well, unless you’re short on money… Then you should probably relax a little and forget about this review entirely.