New Girl


Creator: Elizabeth Meriwether

Starring: Zooey Deschanel (you do not really need to know the others just yet)

2011 – Present

“New Girl” is a good series for those tired of typical sitcom jokes (such as ones provided by “Two and a Half Men”). It explores a similar technique to “Family Guy”, in which it illuminates the comedy by using flashbacks or extra scenes to further explain a joke. Its cast variation (which includes actors of several different ethnicities and backgrounds) gives different concepts to the show while showing the lifestyle one would have living with four flatmates. “New Girl” focuses almost solely on the comedic aspect, which is what makes it special compared to other Comedy TV series.

The Plot: “New Girl” is based on the move that Jess (Zooey Deschanel) undertakes to live with four male roommates: Nick, Winston, Coach and Schmidt. As a girl, Jess is forced to understand and cooperate with her new male roommates in order to afford a place to live. As the entire crew begins to get along, new characters are introduced and the plot is developed in a manner to suit the comedy that the show intends to exhibit. Much like “How I Met Your Mother”, “New Girl” has a variety of side episodes that follow a less direct plot at times. This in turn allows the comedy to flourish.

The only reason one would not give “New Girl” a chance is because they have a burning hatred for laughter. The series has a steady four seasons, meaning that it is simple to binge-watch and time efficient (episodes are only 20 minutes each). My definite suggestion to those of the MYP/IB years.

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