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Reflections On Autumn Break

Reflections On Autumn Break
November 9, 2015

This past autumn break, SIS students relaxed and recuperated during their class-free week. Autumn break itself is fairly regular in schools worldwide. A survey I took of ninth graders told me that most...

Ebola: On the Front Lines

Ebola: On the Front Lines
Helena Nordenstedt comes to SIS.
November 6, 2015

You could not pick up a newspaper last year without reading, “Ebola." From rational analysts worrying about the effect it would have on the long term economic and social development of Liberia and...

SIS Students: What a Quirky Bunch

Wednesday –Halloween: Zombies sitting in a classroom, pop culture or a sophisticated metaphor?
November 3, 2015

Nothing says unity and spirit like matching outfits. Just ask the scouts, the Men in Black or the Blue Man Band. It is not shocking, then, that SIS has a long standing tradition of dressing up every day...

(F)UN Day

(F)UN Day
October 24, 2015

To celebrate the UN day on Saturday 24 October, SIS held its annual Parade of Nations on Friday morning. The parade allowed students to celebrate their cultures by walking around Johannesparken in...

Space at Kulturhuset/Rymden på Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

October 12, 2015

As part of our unit on Travel, the Grade 12 Swedish B class attended a seminar hosted by four astronauts at Kulturhuset’s Stadsteatern on the 23rd of September 2015. The seminar was part of a greater...

SIS Health Week – The Week Against Weakness

SIS Health Week - The Week Against Weakness
October 1, 2015

“Oh, is it health week again?” is what most of us would say. We think to ourselves, “Hmm, it's that time when we get to skip a day of school to go jogging,” but do we actually look into the greater...

Tidbits from the Trips

Tidbits from the Trips
September 21, 2015

Every year Stockholm International School organises week long trips for its MYP students. From the west coast to Åland, students camp, hike, bike, swim, fish, raft and live with their classmates. The...

The Wonderful World of CAS

The Wonderful World of CAS
September 14, 2015

Welcome students, parents and guests to a new year at the Stockholm International School! As you may or may not know, students in eleventh and twelfth grade follow a program called the International Baccalaureate,...

School’s out!

School's out!
June 12, 2015

'twas the last day of school,  when all through the buildings, not a reporter was writing... Today is the last day of school, and the staff at The Quirky Quibbler is going to be enjoying their...

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
June 2, 2015

Imagine a slightly crowded room filled with rows of rising benches. The walls are brightly painted with scenes from fairy-tales and at the front of the room there is a large, flat stage, level...

Personal Project Evening

Personal Project Evening
May 22, 2015

On the evening of Monday the 10th of May, the school cafeteria played host to the Personal Project evening, the annual showcase of the year-long 10th grade assignments. Parents and students were offered...

‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Sweden and the Global Economy’

The Economics students and teacher that attended the panel discussion with the Ambassador of the United States of America.
May 15, 2015

On Friday, the 8th of May, the Economics teacher Mr. Boswell, along with four of his students, Andrey, Sharav, Yarrid and myself attended a discussion panel on ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Sweden...

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