Trump was Triumphant

Sophie B. and Hallie M.

It’s fair to say that the United States 2016 Presidential election was by far the most shocking election in history. As the results were announced, tears of joy and grief were shed nation-and-worldwide. Trump was triumphant. We saw the results unfold on election day and turned to the SIS student body, hoping to get their opinions on this pressing topic.

There was a lot of controversy surrounding this election, especially considering Clinton’s email scandals which were released during her campaign. As it turns out, the vast majority of people

“Electoral College (United States).” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 12 Dec. 2016.

who voted for Clinton justified their choice in that she was the ‘better of two evils’ while Trump’s supporters meant that they were fed up with their current political system and did not want to see it perpetuated.

A grade 11 student said, “I would argue that I want somebody who has a concept of money and how to handle it.” He firmly believes that under Trump’s presidency, companies will return to the US if he lowers the current corporate tax by 20%.

President-elect Trump rallied large amounts of supporters when he advocated lowering the tax for the middle class. This is one of his more significant promises for the country, but what stands out for many SIS students is his more racist and derogatory comments about minority groups.

“The fact that so many people voted for him is scarier than him being in office,” said two Americans. According to them, Trump as president is a huge step back for the nation. Both were shocked when news of the election spread.

Similarly, another student expressed how “generally surprised and disappointed” she felt when she heard that Trump had won. She explained how she expected Clinton to win, and did not realise how popular Trump had become in the US.

“It was close minded of me to forget the entire middle of the country,” said a grade 11 student. Geographically Clinton won the coasts, while Trump won the entire middle of the country, including Florida.

“I surrounded myself with progressive millennials,” expressed an American in recount to what was mentioned. She explained how many Trump supporters believe in a traditional and corrupt system.

Many Trump supporters envision great change to be made to the US. One explains the main points he believes Trump will accomplish during his presidency: increase employment rates, bring large corporations back to the US, repair the crumbling infrastructure, and strengthen international relations.

Others on the other hand believe that Trump will not be able to accomplish the main points of his policies that he promised his supporters; the main one being building a wall.

“I think that he will be restricted by the other sections of the government to complete his foreshadowed tasks,” said another student.

“Donald Trump Presidential Campaign 2016.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 12 Dec. 2016.

Some people, though, are quite sure that President Trump will cause divide between the American population. According to some, bullying rates will sky rocket, and minority groups will be discriminated against in society. Rather than progressing as a country, America will be taking a step backwards.

“There’s a family I used to go to school with. And the parents were Mexican but American citizens. The day after Trump was elected they packed up and left out of fear,” explained a student. It is clear that this presidency has already begun to affect the American population in an life altering manner. However, it is still unclear whether America will be changed for better or worse by Trump.  

Guess we will have to wait until January 2017 to feel the ripples of this political earthquake.