The Only Way To Survive Is To Never Give Up Hope

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The play Hope is about the current refugee crisis and was seen by many classes at SIS at Påfågeln Theatre. The play is in mime so it can be understood by everyone. It depicts the harsh turn of events in war-torn countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

It starts off with a scene of a loving and playful family. This soon changes into the dark reality of conflict in the Middle East, resulting in innocent refugees fleeing the country. It is riddled with lurking danger and death, although there is an emphasis on the resilience and bravery of refugees who leave areas of conflict in search of a safe haven.

The bond between families is broken down due to external power struggles and politics, leading to millions of orphaned, displaced, and traumatised children travelling alone in unfamiliar parts of the world. The different dramatic scenes depict rough environments, which are often violent, manmade or natural, through which refugees pass in hope for a better future for their families and themselves.

These difficult situations range from a lack of hygiene to malnutrition to risky transportation methods – such as shift rafts, and under train getaways, or minor vehicles. The audience witnessed illegal border smuggling, odd jobs to gain money, and psychological and physical harassment.  

Hope portrays a message that despite these horrible set of events, refugees cling to the hope of finding something for a better future. This search can include the terrors of losing loved ones and being isolated and maltreated in foreign lands.

The play is directed by Mr. Areskoug and can be seen at the Påfågeln Theatre near St. Eriksplan, as well as on tour around Sweden.