“Check Please!”

“Check please!” It’s a statement we have all said, but have you ever been on a date that ended abruptly with this  phrase?

Last week the 10th grade drama group put on a production of “Check Please” by Jonathan Rand. “Check Please” follows a series of blind dinner dates that couldn’t possibly get any worse – until they do. Dating can be hard, especially when your date happens to be a crazy sports maniac, a mime, or a even a gay actor learning how to be straight!

The 10th graders of Ms. U’s drama class did a fantastic job portraying the wide variety of unsual characters. It was because they were not afraid to throw themselves out there that we saw everything from crazy costumes such as a guy prancing around in high heels, to stage movements like a character entering from out of the audience. It was distinctly obvious to the audience that all of the students were having fun.

Because every scene contained a different situation, it was not hard to be attentive. The actors were able to grasp and hold the audience’s attention which is applaudable, especially considering the wide age difference amongst the audience.

As we talked with some of the actors, we learned that it took some of them two months to learn their lines! They clearly put a lot of effort into this play and it ultimately paid off.

We also want to thank Mrs. U for organising this production. We know you worked very hard, and this could not have been possible without you.

Congratulations to the 10th grade drama group!