Beauty and the Beast – everything a good fairytale should be

Beauty and the Beast - everything a good fairytale should be

This lovely fairytale is a live action remake of an award winning Disney classic. It’s as magical as the animated version, bringing our favourite characters to life.

The story is set in a little 19th century village in France. There we meet Belle (Emma Watson), a true beauty who’s quite different from than everyone else with her love for books. She catches the eye of Gaston (Luke Evans), a narcissist soldier who is convinced everyone loves him as much as he loves himself. One day Belle’s father gets imprisoned in a castle of a terrible Beast. The Beast is actually a prince under a terrible curse, who can be freed only by finding true love. To save her father, the girl gives up her freedom and takes his place as a prisoner. After meeting the magical inhabitants of the castle, she realises that the place is not as terrible as she thought. It turns out the Beast is not a monster that she first took him for.

Belle is played by Emma Watson, who is ideal for the role. She does a great job of portraying  the animated character. She’s charming and lovely and makes you like her instantly. The best performance though, goes to Luke Evans who played Gaston. He did an amazing job playing a self involved narcissist. Just like the original version, he’s out to get Belle and won’t take no for an answer. Gaston’s loyal companion LeFou is played by Josh Gad. He will make you laugh more than once at his attempts to be like Gaston, who he looks up to and follows everywhere.

The musical part of the movie was good but the original was way better. In the animated version the singers were professionals but in the remake it was the actors singing. In some parts of Belle singing, you could hear the autotune which ruined the effect of the scene. Maybe the singing should be left for professionals. The movie brought our favourite characters back to the big screen, though this time they were alive. The effects were very good and so realistic, dancing and singing furniture looked like it was really alive. The movie captured the magic of the original and was a pleasure to watch.

This is a movie for everyone who likes classic Disney fairytales. Everyone, from younger audiences to adults, will enjoy the music and funny dialogues in this lovely fairytale. The Rating is PG as some parts may be scary for younger children. It is a great movie and I recommend it for everyone to see.



Zuzanna O is an independent critic living in Stockholm. She is currently a student at Stockholm International School. She is originally from Warsaw, Poland and moved to Sweden recently.