Everyone Deserves the Same Opportunities


Our QQ editor Sophie and Shahram

Shahram just turned eighteen. The worst age an asylum seeker can turn. He was born in Afghanistan, but a year and two months ago had to flee. He walked most of the way to Sweden, taking boats and trains occasionally; nevertheless, a rigorous journey indeed. Now, finally arriving in Sweden he has been moved around from one accommodation to the other. He currently lives in Huddinge but has been given notice that he has to find other accommodations. The only ones available for him are in Malmö or Norrland, which would mean that he will have to move schools.

At his school, Shahram finds it difficult to socialise with other students since Swedish is a foreign and new language to him. Furthermore, he has just begun learning English, making it harder for him to learn Swedish as he frequently mixes up the two languages. Despite this language barrier, Shahram has participated in extracurricular activities, including acting as an assistant trainer for a handball team for eight months.

Shahram has found enjoyment, though, in learning to become a hairdresser. He has learned to cut and braid hair, along with plucking eyebrows. He also earned 500 kr during a photoshoot he had when his teachers noticed his growing beard.

Now, as he is 18, Shahram has applied for a working permit. But it seems a shame that Shahram does not get the opportunity to go to finish school and go to university, and has to fret over finding a job.

However, the most pressing situation for Shahram is finding living space in Huddinge close to his school so he doesn’t need to relocate once more. He was, in fact, offered to live with a married couple and their three children. However, Shahram didn’t feel like imposing on their family so he is trying to find something on his own.  If anyone has any knowledge on possible accommodation for Shahram in Huddinge or nearby, they can contact us via Ms Smith –  [email protected]  Any help is appreciated.