Building for the Future, Moving SIS

Arriving at school in the mornings do you feel that it is crowded? Trying to squeeze through the crowd to get to your locker? Many students experience this, as over the past years SIS has increased its student population. There is a solution.

Stockholm International School will be moving to a new campus. The Quirky Quibbler spoke to the Director Dr.Medved about the impending move.

Stockholm International School is growing every year as new families are welcomed to our school community. The growing of our community means that more facilities are in demand, and that the present facilities currently can not keep up with. 

As Stockholm is growing internationally, SIS is also growing. The mission and vision of SIS is to support the international community within Stockholm. As of now SIS is unable to keep up with the demand and is pressured to grow to be able to offer quality education.

SIS has been approached by Akademiska Hus to be part of a project that aims to enhance education in Stockholm. SIS will be moving to a Campus in Solna, the campus includes research facilities as well as science facilities which will enhance the learning of students.

The papers still need to be signed, and the aim is for this to happen at the end of this school year. Currently the building is still occupied, however, after the old tenants have moved out construction and renovation will begin. The plan is that the construction and renovation will begin in the late autumn of 2018. In the spring of 2020 SIS will have the keys in hand to the new school campus and the 2020/21 school year can start at the new campus.

SIS will be occupying the previous Tomteboda School. In total SIS will be renting 14000 square meters, which is twice the size that the school has available now. There are currently several older buildings that will be renovated. Primary and MYP will be moving into the renovated buildings. DP will be moving into newer buildings which will be constructed. The buildings will all be connected to each other. The new school will be able to accommodate 800 students. The new campus will provide SIS the opportunity to grow if the student body keeps on expanding. It will include a bigger cafeteria, gym facilities, an auditorium and a playground for the younger students.

Dr. Medved said,  “SIS will have more opportunities,”  and one such opportunity is to become a leading school. SIS will also be able to offer more subjects, thus providing students with more learning opportunities. This means that the quality of education will be enhanced.

With a change of campus there are several advantages and disadvantages. There are the short term disadvantages of moving out of central Stockholm.  SIS might lose some local Swedish students. When asked what impact the movement of the school would have on the number of students, Dr.Medved stated that, “European schools which were previously centrally located have all experienced growth after moving location.” In fact there are more long term disadvantages of SIS staying in the current location. Due to the lack of facilities the school could start to lag behind other schools and lose its status as a excellent learning facility.

There are numerous advantages to the move, both in the short term and in the long term. Arguably the most significant advantage will be the new facilities which will allow SIS to continue offering top class education to its students.  

The change in location will  allow SIS to continue supporting the international community within Stockholm as is reflected in the school’s ‘Mission and Vision.’ Altogether the move will benefit the SIS community and is something to look forward to for the 2020/21 school year. The move will definitely benefit us as students, we will have more room to move and expand.