Universities? Careers? BridgeU to the Rescue

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What do I want to do after school has ended? What career do I want to pursue? Which university do I want to study at? These are all questions that 9-12 graders are thinking of. These major life choices are important ones to make, but also overwhelming.

To the rescue comes BridgeU, an online website that aims to bridge the gap between “school and the future”. Mrs.Wegdell will be using BridgeU as a tool in helping us students with University Applications and other choices starting next year.  Hayley, a representative from BridgeU, came to SIS to introduce the platform to us. She talked to the 9-12 graders as well as to parents. Hayley’s presentation was very engaging, informing everyone about BridgeU and their goals.

BridgeU allows us, students, to create a profile which includes the subjects we are taking, university courses we are interested in and allows us to determine in which country we want to study in. BridgeU has complex algorithms that calculate the best match for us, giving three categories of universities, reach, match and safety. BridgeU is ideal to figuring out what your goals are regarding universities.

Alongside suggesting universities to students BridgeU also offers students an opportunity to perfect their Personal Statement and apply for university. Strategy Advisor helps students identify their strengths and bring this across in their personal statements. It also allows students to identify areas they can work on.BridgeU is a platform that can help you with making important choices. Don’t know where to study? What to study? Check out BridgeU.

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