World Trade Organization


The World Trade Organisation is one of the many committees of the United Nations. At today’s SISMUN conference the WTO is discussing the problems of unregulated sharing of  economy. To find out more about it we talked to Thabang R. who is chairing today and asked him some questions.

The WTO regulates international trade. The purpose of the committee is for countries to be able to share a sustainable economy. The main focus of the Organisation is to help develop countries through trade. Thabang hopes that in today’s debate they will be able to reach a ‘resolution that combats the problem of sharing an economy with or without regulation.’ The committee is important as it ‘determines international trade boundaries so that everyone can grow economically’.

Each committee plays a very important role and is able to bring a change to the world. When asked about what he thinks WTO could achieve Thabang said, that he hopes it will ‘help different countries grow, share ideas about development’ and ‘prosper together as a whole.’

During today’s debate the countries will engage in a discussion about Schengen economy. Schengen area is an area of European countries that have no border control. The topic they will be focusing on international companies like AIrBNB and Uber. There are currently no regulations on those and students’ job will be to discuss and come up with resolutions that will be able to solve that problem.