SISMUN – International Delegates


Milou V., Editor


SISMUN is not only for the students of SIS. There are a total of  75 delegates from other Schools. We spoke to delegates from a school in France and a school in London.

The students did not have previous MUN experience, delegates from London said that ” we only have a MUN club in our School, we only travel to MUN conferences”. The students were very positive about their experiences at SIS.

Students from a school in France seemed to also be quite positive about MUN. Like the students in London they did not have any experience of SISMUN.

SISMUN is a learning experience for both our own students and International Students. It seems though waling around the halls that SIS students and International students are not mingling. They stay in separate groups and don’t really engage in conversations with each other.  As it is only the first break, we can hope that student will socialise more throughout the day.

We also spoke to the teachers accompanying the students, check out our article on that.