Human Rights Council takes on human trafficking


Organised crime, such as human trafficking is a very important issue around the world and that is what the United Nations Human Rights Council is focusing on today. The QQ talked to the students chairing in the committee to find out more about the purpose and the role of the organisation.

There are three founding pillars of the UN system: peace and security, human rights, and development. The UNHRC is of great importance, as it is responsible for one of them. It spreads sensitivity around the globe and has ‘immense current relevance and importance’. The organisation hopefully can bring attention to the bigger problems around the world and motivate countries to take action.

According to the chairs, the committee is ‘responsible for the promotion of human rights’. Their main purpose is ‘to fix the problem of human trafficking and organised crime’. At today’s session the students will try to come up with solutions for, very relevant right now, problem of human trafficking in the baltic regions.

The chairs hope that in today’s meeting the students will be able to come up with  ‘practical resolutions concerning the human rights of victims in relations to organized crime and human trafficking in eastern europe’. We will update you with further resolutions.