6th Graders in the Zombie Apocalypse

Getting starting in MUN can be very difficult, but our 6th graders in Mini SISMUN seem to be coming along very well. The Quirky Quibbler got the chance to talk to some of the 6th graders about their first experience in the conference today.

Is this your first time doing MUN and how are you finding it?

This is my first time doing MUN. I’m finding it very fun and different from what I’m used to doing. I think that the topic especially makes it fun because I like science fiction and zombies and I understand what is happening

What are you talking about it you committee right now?

Right now we are trying to make resolutions. In our group we have focused on if you can kill zombies or not and if there should be research into zombies, which I think there should be.

Have you come to any resolutions yet?

Our resolution was, “we would find out more about the zombies and how to kill them while we evacuate citizens to safety. After we would start looking for a cure. We would unite and accept refugees after excessive tests to see if they have been infected.”

What is the best thing about MUN today?

The best thing about MUN today is debating with my friends!

What have you learned today?

I have learned more about the structure of an MUN debate and how MUN works.

This conference has been a great success for the 6th graders! They love the topic and have all been incredibly engaged in the debates. Mini SISMUN is the perfect chance for the younger students to experience MUN for the first time. The Quirky Quibbler is thrilled to cover the events of today!