Annual Language Fair – A Success!

This week Wednesday, the 21st, the annual Language Fair took place! The exciting fair is an event highlighting the progress of grades 6 to 8 in language learning. The classes that perform and take part in the fair are the language B Swedish, French, Spanish and EAL students. 

The fair started in the Annexe B library with a short introduction from Ms. Halewijn and Ms. Hellström welcoming the parents and students. The concept of the fair is culture, which makes the Language Fair an excellent chance for the students to further their learning concerning the language’s country and the culture of that country. 

After the short welcome from teachers and students, parents  could to roam around the building from class to class to experience the different performances from the multiple classes. In the library, one Swedish class had a fantastic exhibition of Swedish foods, including some Marabou chocolate, Ballerina cookies, some flat crisp bread, and some Swedish cheeses. Another  Swedish class presented about Norse mythology, a captivating topic to learn about! Other performances from the Swedish students included a fashion show, a presentation of Swedish companies as well as about the renowned author Astrid Lindgren. 

The EAL students had an amazing exhibition of food from their home countries. Foods from Korea, India, Japan, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Spain and more was displayed and talked about. Incredibly well done and informative! Students presented in both English and their mother tongue.

One performance from some of the French students was of “Le Reine des Neiges” or ‘Frozen’ as we know it! They also had some typical French food, including crêpes, macarons, croissants and baguettes.   The students incredible hard work was shown and all parents thoroughly enjoyed the performance. 

Lastly, the QQ got the chance to sit in on a performance by the grade 8 Spanish phase 2 class. It was based on Spanish as well as South American culture. It was three performances depicting people buying clothes and artifacts from a store. It was a bit of a comedy and the audience had a good laugh while still understanding that the students have learnt the language to a large extent. 

All in all, the language fair this year was a wild success! The dedication, hardworking and skill of the students really was truly shown through their fantastic performances and their work. SIS can be proud of their language B students, they deserve all the praise!