“13 Ways to Screw Up a College Interview” as performed by 10th Grade

Just before the Easter break the QQ team had the chance to see the grade 10 drama performance.

 “Thirteen ways to screw up a college interview” was an adaptation of Ian McWethy’s original screenplay by our grade 10 students. Made up of a cast of 12, the students portrayed 13 ways in which you can ‘screw up a college interview.’

The drama cast was able to put on a dazzling performance, and were successfully able to put a comical spin on situations that every student dreads. The play opens with three admission heads who have been tasked with the job of finding the perfect student to fill the last spot in their university. After a long and draining debate, the admission heads were forced to sift through their waitlist pile.

Imagine being faced with a whole film production crew coming into your admission office when you are expecting to interview student. Or, an obnoxious surfer dude who won’t stop hitting on you. Or a student who has so many phobias you wouldn’t be able to list them on ten fingers. How about having to interview a student who instead of showing his transcripts, shows you pictures of cows and chocolate? What about a student who actually believes they are a vampire?

Finally, imagine you find the perfect student, and think you’ve saved your job, but in the middle of her interview she gets accepted into Yale? From beginning to end, this play was a rollercoaster of laughter, confusing and enjoyment! The 10th grade drama class’ hard work really shone through, along with their talent and enthusiasm. Job well done 10th grade!  A big round of applause to Ms Umerkajeff  who guided the students through this process.

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