What is the Class of 2018 Up to?

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The Quirky Quibbler interviewed several of last years graduates!

The Extended Essay, countless of Internal Assessments and the exams are all in the past for the Class of 2018. What is the class of 2018 up to now? The Quirky Quibbler interviewed some of last years graduates. Whilst  some are taking  a gap year others have already immersed themselves into their studies at university.

Vince N. has already begun his studies at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven. He is currently studying physiotherapy and although he hasn’t learn a lot yet, he can already tell that it is exactly what he wants to do in the future. For the future Vince plans to continue his studies in Eindhoven and is looking into an internship with a sports team. He is hopeful for one at PSV Eindhoven, a football club  playing in the Eredivisie  in the Netherlands. Vince believed that the most valuable experience from the IB was being surrounded by people who are motivated to do well and be their best.

Saffiyah S. will start studying Pharmacy at the University  of Manchester. She is looking forward to University life and meeting new people. She is most looking forward to forming new relationships and studying hard to hopefully graduate and get working. For her the most valuable experience she gained from the IB was the ability to manage her time when it came to lots of work. Additionally, she also was able to recognise how important stress management and self care are so that you can study and work hard whilst also maintaining balance and being healthy.

Sophie B. is planning to study International Relations at King’s College London in September 2019. She is currently taking a gap year in which she has an internship at a co-working space in Oslo for a month. Sophie will also be studying French at the University of Angers for a couple of Months. Next summer, she plans to backpack in Southeast Asia for a month or two. For Sophie, the IB and its internationalism has made her aware of all the possibilities out in the world. It  encouraged her to take a gap year so she could experience as much as possible before her studies begin. Further, she believes that the IB gave her the security to wait to find out what she really wants to do and she is excited to see what what the future holds.

Sven S. is currently studying the International Bachelor of Psychology at Leiden University. His experience at uni has been positive such as the fact that some days his classes start at 5 pm! Uni. has been a great experience for him so far with lots of social activities. Sven plans to have fun this year studying and traveling through the Netherlands. According to Sven, the most valuable experience he gained from the IB, was the ability to meet deadlines. After completing the IB the first two weeks of University ” have been a piece of cake.” Further, “my perspective of sleep has changed, so If I get 4 hours of sleep one night I will be fine because in the IB I got less and somehow managed to function.” Sven is looking forward to graduating and mastering in either Social or Clinical Psychology.  Sven also had a message for the current IB students at SIS, “12th graders, Good luck on your final exams <3 and 11th graders, enjoy this calm period while it lasts.”

The Class of 2018 worked tremendously hard and increased the SIS average IB score by one whole point! The Quirky Quibbler congratulates all graduates on their achievements and  wishes them the best of luck in their future endeavours!