Girl Up SIS

The United Nations started a worldwide project named Girl Up, to empower girls in developing countries such as India, Ethiopia, Uganda, Liberia, Guatemala, and Malawi. This movement advocates for global gender equality and teaches girls that they have the ability to achieve positions of power from a young age. The project caught the eye of two 11th graders at SIS; Lydia and Camilla. They decided that SIS could join the movement, amongst thousands of other clubs in over 100 different countries to strive for global change and gender equality.

The Girl Up club at SIS now has about 60 members ranging between PYP students and DP students, from second graders to eleventh graders. Their aim is to “engage all in standing up for girls, empowering each other, leading together, and changing our world.” Girl Up SIS will work locally within the SIS community through the use of fundraisers and events to spread awareness and raise money to have an impact globally.

Last week, the Girl Up board had its first meeting with all of the members in MYP, and they are currently planning their first meeting with the PYP kids, which will mainly focus on engaging them with the issue of gender inequality in an interactive way. The board has already planned various event and fundraisers to spread awareness and raise money for the cause. Events include the annual Girl Up 5k run, snow day activities surrounding the issue, a speaker series of advocates for gender equality, art and poetry competitions, and many more. Fundraisers include a movie night, creating and selling Girl Up SIS merchandise, workshops, craft sales, and bake sales.

The Girl Up board at SIS hopes to engage as many boys and girls as possible to make an impact within the community, as well as globally.