Food, Fun, and Festivities at the Language Fair

On Wednesday, March the 20th, students from the EAL, Swedish, Spanish, and French language classes celebrated the language, traditions, and cultures. It was an excellent opportunity to practice their language, share knowledge and learn something new about other cultures. The evening was marked with festivities, presentations, and performances.

Students from grades 6 to 8 participated in the language fair and represented a myriad of different cultures. The grade 7 students welcomed the parents and visitors to the language fair before they headed to one of the many rooms showcasing the variety of languages and cultures.

All the languages had rooms allocated, each with its own distinctive charm. One particular room was arranged to resemble a traditional Spanish restaurant, with checkered table sheets and chairs.

After a viewing of a video, the grade 8 students had made, the language fair began in earnest. Following short performances by the students, parents and visitors could walk about the different rooms, asking students questions, sampling food, and enjoying the sights and sounds. With many different rooms prepared and 2 floors to explore, the annexe bustled with activity and people.

There were two performance slots that showcased the languages taught at SIS. In one of the Spanish rooms, the students enacted what it would be like to order food at a Spanish restaurant. French students entertained audiences with dramatic plays. Swedish students in one room took the audience on an apartment viewing and performed a murder mystery. EAL students presented foods from their own cultures in both English and their mother tongues.

All in all, the language fair brought together languages and cultures and was interesting and thoroughly informative. The SIS community should be proud of the language students, as they displayed a mastery of language and an understanding of culture.