Game Club: Rise of the GDC

Video games are one of the most enjoyed hobbies for all teenagers. Many students love playing video games. Maybe some of them even decided to work on the jobs that are related to video games. If you are interested in video games, there is a perfect club at SIS that is suitable for you. 


The game development club has been active for more than a year and a half. They already created one game called ‘Catastrophe’, where you get to enforce the army of space cats to make them conquer over the space! According to one of the members, ‘Catastrophe’ has an outlandish theme that fits arts and the gameplay they’ve created. 

This club seeks to incentivise creative thinking. You will get a chance to express your imagination by developing video games. Proceeding through many development stages will increase your cooperative skills and critical thinking skills. 

Experiencing many things are very important to IB students. By experiencing many situations, students will be able to develop their way to the dream. The Game Development Club will make you experience development stages that are similar to what actually game developers do, giving you an idea of how developing the game works.  

For those who love games, the game development club is a good option to show their ideas and put them into practice. I highly recommend this club. If you are interested in joining, you can contact [email protected] (Unfortunately, at this time only DP students can join the club.)