Girl Up is Back on Track

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No matter who they are or what their background is, girls around the world have the power to transform the world, themselves and the community they live in. Girl Up, which was founded by the United Nations in 2010, is a campaign dedicated to securing equal opportunities for underprivileged girls in countries such as India, Ethiopia, Malawi and many more. 

Last year two 11th graders started a Girl Up club in SIS, but due to issues, the club came to an end. But as they say, a new year means a new beginning. Right now, 3000 Girl Up clubs have been registered, but after today this number will change to 3001 as two girls from 11th grade, Anna Sjöholm and Sofia Shakolina, have decided to start Girl Up all over again. This year the group has decided to work on spreading awareness about equal opportunity right and raise money to make the future of girls in countries where equal rights and gender discrimination is a problem. The Girl Up club board members are very excited to start the new club, and they hope that people will be excited as well, as they have some very good ideas that they want to take action on. Though they can’t disclose too much information as nothing has been finalised yet, one of the major things that they are planning to do is to collaborate with other schools both locally and internationally. 

This week, members of the Girl Up board are planning to give a short presentation on the club from grade 8-11. The people who will be interested in participating will get a chance after the presentation to sign up and become a part of the Girl Up community. Meetings will start from this Wednesday.