Alone at Home

It has been almost two weeks since distance learning started at SIS due to the COVID 19. Given this unprecedented situation, Dan C would like to share some personal opinions and thoughts on distance learning and how it has been affecting his life.


Firstly, I think that the biggest impact is on academic aspects. There are both benefits and downsides to this newly implemented way of learning. A benefit is that I can save time that would normally be used for going back and forth from school and allocate this for studying. Also, I get to spend more time with my family and time for hobbies. Staying home 24/7 gives me the feeling that I have more access to time, which is a huge benefit.

However, I also feel that there are quite a few downsides to staying home and doing distance learning. I think that distance learning lacks efficiency in terms of learning, as we are all new to it and the environment has totally changed. I feel that this has led to my concentration span becoming shorter.

Secondly, I miss the social interactions with friends and the school environment. With distance learning and social distancing, outdoor activities have started to decrease significantly for me. Before we isolated ourselves, I used to go to the gym. In the current situation, going to the gym is very dangerous as it is a place with a lot of crowds making visitors vulnerable. Even though I still try to do some sort of activity by going outside and having a walk, the frequency has decreased significantly. This is personally a huge change for me. Additionally, even though there is more time to spend with my family, I think that spending time with friends is also important. I am sad that there is less social interaction. 

Finally, I am happy that I can spend more time on things that I like such as watching movies, playing video games, or just relaxing and taking a good rest. Now that outdoors CAS activities became nearly impossible, I had to find alternatives that I can do indoors and something that I have always wanted to do. I decided to do some new CAS experiences such as trying to learn a new language and cooking. I am excited that there are new motivations to drive me through this tough situation. Despite this,  I am a bit worried that the situation may have an impact on schoolwork such as tests, Extended Essay, and internal assessments. 

All things considered, I feel that the current situation with COVID 19 is tough for everybody –  students like me, teachers and the school faculty. However, since we are all part of the SIS community, we should all try our best to overcome this by maintaining good hygiene and demonstrating social distancing. I am sure that we all can do it. Meanwhile,  continue working hard as always and stay strong.