Glimpses of What Students Think …

QQ reporter, Sarra, spoke to a few IB students about their experiences of distant learning


Empty classrooms when students work from home.

At the beginning of this quarantine, students didn’t really have an idea of what life would be like in distance learning. However, with the upper school being closed for almost two months now, we all have had the opportunity to adapt and become more familiar with this new style of learning. Now, all of us have a clearer view of this whole thing. We interviewed a few students about what they think about this new form of learning and here is what they had to say:

Sam: I think that it’s ok. But the teachers are giving too much work. It can be difficult to keep up. It is quite hard, but it’s nice to work from home.”

Hannah:Distance learning is fine. It’s a good alternative but the hardest part for me is not being able to meet my friends and just sit in my room all day. It’s just weird!

Sofia B:I think it’s very tiring as it does not allow me to move around as much or interact with my friends and teacher.  I also think it makes it more difficult to absorb what the teacher is teaching, and I prefer real-life over digital communication. However, I enjoy not having to wake up as early, and it certainly has given me more time to work on my schoolwork.

Alex:  “So far it’s been interesting! I like how flexible my hours are and how much more free time I have. But I would much rather go back to school. I feel really unmotivated and find it difficult to concentrate on studying. I also really miss all of the people at school, and talking to people I wouldn’t usually talk to. There is also little room for me to get out of my comfort one to work on overcoming my fears. School usually gives me a place to work on my fear so I can grow.”

Distance learning indeed does have pros and cons but during this difficult situation, the only thing that we can hope for is that everything gets better so that we can go back to our normal lives!