Online Tests

Three months into the distance learning phase, students, teachers and the school have successfully found a way through this situation. Although Upper-school students are at home, they still have to take their assessments – online. The Quirky Quibbler brings you Dan C’s thoughts about online tests.


At first, I felt that online testing would be a bit awkward and that it would take some time to get used to it. The fact that you have to stare at your computer screen for such a long time is very tough. If, like me, you are a very slow typer, it does not help the situation at all. While getting used to all the online tests, I also realised that some online tests require a different format of testing. For subjects like Maths, you have to answer on a separate sheet of paper and then upload a photo of that. This was something new that I had to get used to. I have also realised that homes are not the best places for testing. Being so used to the school environment for tests, I found it hard to adjust to taking tests at home. Tests are always very hard but combined with the word “online”, it becomes even harder. 

Stress becomes familiar

Despite being stressed ever since the start of distance learning, I have slowly started to find my pace even though the assignments and tests keep rushing in. The online testing that I found extremely challenging at first, has actually started to become more and more familiar. It has been very interesting to see how I have improved at taking the tests in this format. Even though I  still prefer the normal tests to online tests, I strongly believe that online testing is a useful experience because it helps to develop our skills of overcoming and adapting to new situations. 

Always double-check your work to see if you have accurately answered all the questions.”

— Dan C.


Tips for doing tests at home.

 There are some ways to make this experience better.  Firstly, make sure you get plenty of sleep. This is very important as your eyes will need a good rest before having to look at the computer screen during the tests. Secondly, always be careful to check on the time during tests. Somehow time seems to pass by much quicker in online tests. This new type of testing means you need a new method to keep track of your time. Lastly, it is important that you always go over your work thoroughly. It is much easier to get distracted and lose concentration while looking at a screen at home than sitting a test in school. Always double-check your work to see if you have accurately answered all the questions.


These are my thoughts and tips. It’s good to share with others in this tough situation. I am sure that everybody in the SIS community will overcome this situation with perseverance. Maybe you have some ideas you would like to add?

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