Virtual Visual Arts 2021

This year’s grade 12 art exhibition was a little different. QQ reporter Elakkiya guides you through the changes and introduces the students’ work.

What is the visual arts exhibition? What’s different this year?

The visual arts exhibition is a culmination of the 12th-grade art student’s best work in the art course. The exhibition takes place every year; giving us a sense of the curatorial work. However, this year is special, because, for the very first time, the exhibition is in the form of a virtual recording. This was due to the current pandemic situation.

But, here’s why you should watch the exhibition

It gives you a snapshot of the kind of work that is done in the IB visual arts diploma course in SIS. So it’s going to be great for those of you who like to make art and maybe want to consider taking this course later on. Not only that, but just like any other exhibition, it is a chance for the school community to enjoy the culture; the values it portrays in our society. It may even widen your understanding and perspectives about certain things.

What can you see in the exhibition?

In one sentence, we can expect a wide variety of artworks exploring diverse art-making methods and mediums such as, painting, collaging, installations, and even stitching among many others. 

Each student presents their body of work which reflects either a theme or concept of their choice. These may include artworks based on themes like the environment, identity, insecurities, and many more engaging topics. The artworks are also inspired by both contemporary and historically renowned artists and their styles. So, if you are watching the exhibition, keep an eye out for some resemblance from the famous artworks that you might know of!


Here are the broader topics portrayed in each students artwork:

Sofia B. presents different forms of negativity that she has come across in her own artwork

Samantha D. explores the theme of beauty; a reflection of herself, and her experiences

Filippa J. incorporates a sense of spirituality in her artworks which bring about an emotive connection in her play of colours

Alma L. looks into the theme of identity and self-acceptance

Alice L.T. expresses herself and her feelings

Pauline L. depicts both physical and mental transformations in her work

Yumi L. characterises the theme of balance in her exploratory artworks

Emelie L. reproduces different feelings through her colour-based artworks

Antonia N. also looked at identities and the different aspects of it

Lauren P. represents the various forms of mood in her body of work

Lastly, Anna S. mimicked the contrast between light and dark in her black and white exhibition space

To read about and see the artworks in more detail here is the 2021 programme.

How is a virtual video exhibition created?

Each student sets up their own exhibition area with their artworks at different times to accommodate the space available. They have also used portable walls to get the classic exhibition setting. Cameron Krogh Stone, a filmmaker, has collaborated with Ms.Turner in filming an interview with each student, where they express the themes, development, and meaning in their artworks. It took 3 days to set up and film the exhibition. And when the 12th graders were writing their intense exams, Mr.Stone edited the film; discussing the aspects of a successful virtual exhibition in order to convey the information coherently.

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