Where Can You Find Vegetarian Sushi?

Continuing with our restaurant reviews, we now bring you a vegetarian option!


With the introduction of the Upper School lunch card system in August 2020, students have been given much more choice in what they would like to eat. Though, for those that are vegetarian, options at most restaurants are limited further.

As of October, there is one sushi restaurant that has signed a contract with the lunch card: Ikki Sushi located in Kungshallen, of which a previous review was published. Though they provide a good menu and service, the place is often crowded with students.

We investigated more restaurants around the area, particularly looking for sushi restaurants within the lunch card budget that also serve good vegetarian sushi. Our best find has been Sushi King.

Sushi King is located on Kungsgatan 66, situated right next to the more popular Subway. It is a short walk from the OPG, providing it to be ideal for eating there or getting a takeaway.

The owners have kindly made a deal to provide 8 pieces of sushi (“liten sushi”) at a discounted price for us as students—75 kr instead of the 85 kr listed on the menu.

Finding good vegetarian sushi can be difficult as fish is almost always a main ingredient. At Sushi King, there is also an option for 8 pieces of vegetarian sushi (“vego sushi”) also provided to us at 75 kr.

The vegetarian sushi features three cucumber rolls, two with egg, two with avocado, and one tofu as pictured.

The place is small but mostly quiet with few people around lunchtime and little to no students. Alongside the sushi, miso soup, water, and Japanese tea are also provided.

Overall, this restaurant is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a quiet environment and good sushi, vegetarian or not, within the lunch card budget.