Thoughts and Feelings After the First Session


Kaitlyn O., Reporter

During the break we were able to talk to some of the students participating in SISMUN and found many strong feelings about how the first session went.

“It was really stressful in the beginning but now it is really fun!” One group of students said when asked how they felt about the first session. The group of students seemed to be really invested in the discussion saying “We’re going to fight for it!”

I feel like my confidence has really boosted since starting the session.”

— Delegate

Another group has commented on the chaos within their own committees. Saying things like, “Sweden is just crazy” and “ India wants to nuke Australia.” Yet amongst all the chaos the students still seem to find it really entertaining and worthwhile.

It looks like all the nerves from the start of the day have disappeared and have been replaced with confidence and enjoyment.