Shall I go to bed…

This is the third in our psychology series about making decisions. The Grade 11 students took a creative approach to the topic.


Shall I go to bed

I shall stay up instead 

No sheep in my head 

Only exams ahead


One a.m two a.m three a.m four

I will not snore 

Though I adore 

Sleep i shall ignore 


But soon i feel my sleep overtaking me 

And i wake up needing to pee 

Five a.m six a.m seven a.m eight

I am late


I run into school

I feel like a fool

I am so not cool

I broke another school rule 


Again i must decide

Shall i go to bed 

Or stay up instead 

I will not make the mistake 


Of getting a headache 

Instead I will scurry

And go to bed in a hurry


Fillipa W. and Saujanya R.