Stockholm Culture Night & Cherry Blossoms

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Mat SG.

The blooming cherry blossoms of Kungsträdgården.

Annually, the Swedish capital of Stockholm transforms with vibrance and life as it celebrates its own ‘Culture Night’ festival. Showcasing the diversity of Stockholm’s culture – including that of dance; art; architecture; literature; music; and so on – the night thrives, growing bigger and better with every year! 

Right after entering Sergels Torg out from T-Centralen, one was met with the lively, loud music of several amazing local bands playing inside Kulturhuset, setting a spectacular backdrop of music for this night’s already brewing atmosphere. Continuing throughout the night and city, this year’s Culture Night flourished with over 180 museums, theatres, galleries, and other cultural institutions participating. This ambitious project was exemplary in quenching the thrust of our culture-hungry people, with more than 100 different events taking place all across the city from 6 pm until midnight. To top all of that, all of that entertainment was free, with even many shows and concerts taking place in public squares and parks, and even on bridges! 

All of this year’s night’s activities were listed on Stockholm’s official website – so, if you were busy this April 23rd, don’t forget to watch out for next year’s list to come out before the chance passes!

Each year brings a new and unique experience, with so, so many events appearing in the littlest nooks of the town. One spectacular place to visit in the city, no matter the day, is the SF-Bokhandeln bookstore on Gamla Stan. Even if you’re not necessarily a bookworm, this store will surely present a distinct experience, spanning three floors of a beautiful old building, filled with books, movies, games, and memorabilia, all in such a magical way inducing the notion of being teleported to some other realm. However, this April’s Culture Night hid a surprise in the store’s basement. Usually out of access, this night’s customers were welcomed to the cave-like, mysterious basement of the shop, crawling through a tight hallway into a small art gallery out of everything. The paintings showcased suited the Sci-Fi theme of the bookstore and added even more delight to the culture of this night, and surely reminded everyone to always check every spot for a hidden treat.

If the many activities and sights of the night itself weren’t enough, perhaps the gorgeous sights of spring worked to satisfy the masses. Though maybe most iconic to Japan, species of cherry blossoms span all throughout the Northern Hemisphere including our very own city. Blooming every spring, usually in the middle of April, this sight aligns wonderfully with Culture Night, and definitely adds to the surreal atmosphere. Great news, even if Culture Night has passed, the trees are still in bloom and can be found pretty much all over the area, with quite a lot being spread out around smaller side streets, houses’ gardens, courtyards, and parks… so get your cameras out! Perhaps the most popular and scenic area regarding this is Kungsträdgården, where thick rows of cherry blossom trees line both sides of Forumdammen, mixing in very aesthetically amongst the classic architecture approaching Gamla Stan.