The Frankfurter: Students convinced September break is a second Summer break

Note: All publications under the name The Frankfurter are satire, and as such are not meant to depict real-life events. Thank you for reading!


Illustrator: Gaëlle B.

As this is the first article of The Frankfurter, we’d like to introduce ourselves. This is The Frankfurter, the 100 (one hundred) percent accurate news group (operating with only one person right now, but trust me we’ll get more members soon!
AMENDMENT: we already got one more member!!!!) dedicated to detailing the most relevant news from the front lines of SIS.

Now, on to the article.

Students who weren’t overjoyed about summer ending have now found a glimmer of hope in the form of the upcoming September break. 

“At first, I was in despair over the idea of having to sit in class when the weather was more than 20°C, but then I realised that there is already a break in September,” said one student. “I’m so excited about it! Only one week more, then I can finally go out and walk around holding a skateboard and pretending to look cool before the weather gets cooler than me, which well it can’t even get close to my coolness, but, still !”

Some have taken their ambition even further, chasing a literal summer as well. “A vacation is a vacation, no matter how long it is,” says another student. Upon asking them about their plans, they excitedly told us about how they’re going to convince their parents to go to Brazil, try to visit a beach, and come back in time for school on Monday (maybe missing one, and only one, period). We will not give our opinions on this idea since we are an objective news group, but we will wish that student luck.

Indeed, the September break does seem to be an already needed breather for many. Upon hearing about how excited some were about this break, we asked some DP students about their plans for this break. However, we sadly couldn’t get any interesting responses from them, because for the first time in a ridiculously long time, there was a complete consensus on September break plans. It was studying. We are an objective news group, so we can’t outwardly call that boring, but we do (genuinely) wish all DP students good luck, and hope that they make it through the year (in preferably one piece).