Looking Back at Summer

Feeling cold? Shelia K. brings you some summer memories to warm you up.


Sheila K., Reporter

This year’s summer was a time of joy and liveliness! Just because the heat is gone doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue the fun! With all the amazing banger’s artists have made this summer, let’s look back at them and maybe…just maybe you’ll be remind of the sunny warm days as well as the smell of oceans, icy cold beverages, barbecue and fresh cut lawns. Here’s my Top 5 summer songs of this year.

1.Burna Boy- It’s plenty 

This song makes me feel like I’m on a sandy beach looking at the vast clear ocean while sipping on some cold icey tropical drink. This is a “feel good” song that calls people to feel good and have fun no matter what they are going through.

2. Sunmi- Heartburn 

This song is literally the embodiment of summer, it’s relaxing and bright just like a typical summer day.

3. KU LO SA- Oxlade

Amazing song for late night reading in the summer heat

4. I Ain’t Worried – OneRepublic

The song feels like a desert.

5. AMAZING- Rex Orange County

I mean do I have to explain this one? It’s AMAZING for late night summer drives