Bracelets of Hope – A Trip to Brazil

Leticia, founder of Bracelets of Hope and QQ editor took a trip to Brazil.



You might have seen the posters around the school buildings promoting Bracelets of Hope (Pulseiras de Esperança), or even bought one of our products. However, not everyone knows exactly what it is we do. So let me tell you. 

I founded the non-profit project in 2021 and it is now a school club, with the aim of supporting/funding Creche Sao Francisco. Creche Sao Francisco is a school/daycare located in Estrutural, Brasilia, one of the most impoverished locations in Brasilia, Brazil. The school was opened as a place for parents to leave their young children during the days, instead of them being forced to bring their children to what were possibly dangerous work sites. Not having a safe place to leave children also kept parents, especially mothers, from being unable to work at all. At the school, which students attend free of charge, teachers care for the children with the utmost compassion, making sure each child is fed and healthy. They go so far as to give care packages filled with food and sanitary items to each family for when children don’t have school (like holidays), ensuring that no child goes hungry or unclean. 

Until recently, the school was made up of two small rooms for more than 30 children. Their big dream was to construct a new building, and after years of working towards it they have finally moved into a new building. Here they have space for more children and teachers. They are now even able to offer vocational classes for adults in the area, cementing their role as pillars of the community. 

To see the progress myself, I visited the school during the winter break, spending time with the children and teachers. It was a heartwarming experience. I was welcomed with open arms by the children who referred to me as ‘tia’ (aunt) as each one tried to get my attention. It was beautiful to meet children, faced with such adversity, but so bright and thankful for what they have. The teachers are outstanding, dedicating their lives to caring for these children, each of which has their own story. I sat with a boy, who at the age of three, could not yet speak, but was thrilled to show me his spiderman shirt. Cases of domestic abuse are quite common in Brazil and unfortunately the teachers at the school suspect that a couple children are currently being abused at home, but they are vigilant in looking for the signs in their students and helping protect them from harm.

The people at the school dream big and are constantly looking to develop. At the moment the school runs solely on donations receiving no government support. This means that the students of Creche Sao Francisco rely on people like you to help make a difference, however small you might think it is. You can start by following us on social media, and learning more about what we do, eventually you could even think of buying a bracelet. A small cost that could lead to a child getting a new pair of shoes, or even just a toothbrush. Either way leaving a positive mark on their life.