Your Guide to MUN as a Delegate

Here we have a basic guide on how to succeed as a delegate.

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With MUN just a few days away you should be about ready for the big day. However, if you’re not, don’t stress just yet, the QQ has got you covered. Here we have a basic guide on how to succeed as a delegate. 



It’s important to know what your chairs are talking about when they yell out different terms. Here are some basic definitions to help you out.

Position Paper: Essay written by delegates before a conference. The purpose is to state key ideas on a topic – this includes potential solutions and topic history.

Bloc: A team of delegates with a common position on a topic. These groups will work together to advance their agenda in the committee.

Resolution: Document written by a certain bloc to outline the solutions for a topic. A resolution will have Sponsors (writers) and Signatories (observers).

Speaker’s List: The default list for delegates who would like to address their committee. A committee starts here and will return to the Speakers List if all motions fail. 

Moderated Caucus: Structured debate controlled by the Chair to specific aspects of a topic.

Un-Moderated Caucus: Open discussion for delegates to facilitate bloc formation and problem-solving.



If you haven’t been given the background guide for your debate topic from the get-go, you can easily find it online. It is a perfect start to getting to know your topic. After having read the guide be sure to pick out the key points so you know what is the most relevant.   



Key Statistics: What are some general statistics about your country (delegation) as well as some specifics related to the topic?

Key Figures: Who are the key individuals related to the topic in your country?

Past Solutions: Have there been any past solutions? Did they fail or succeed?

Other States Positions: Who agrees with your delegation? Who doesn’t?


POSITION PAPER (Not everyone has to do this)

You will want to include your delegations:



Past Actions

Possible Solutions



Maybe include:

A Quote

An Anecdote

A Call To Action

An Acronym



MUN is all about using your voice, even if you’re new to it. Be sure to join the debates and if you have any doubts ask your chairs (they are there to help you).