The Garden – Six Centuries of Art and Nature

Leticia L., Editor

Up until January 7th, 2024, National Museum is showing The Garden exhibition. A collection of over 300 pieces displaying the various ways in which artists have portrayed gardens and nature in general, as well as the impact art has had on real-life gardens. Among the pieces on display, you can see incredible works from artists like; Monet, Renoir, Rembrandt, Le Nôtre, Watteau, and Carl Larsson. There is something for everyone with a vast collection of sculptures, paintings, drawings, applied art, and contemporary art.

When it comes to the exhibition it was very well curated including a varied mix of styles, mediums, and artists. For anyone interested in art or in general enjoys museums, it is highly recommended that you visit the exhibition. If you have the time, exploring the permanent collection is also a lovely way to spend a weekend afternoon. Maybe students taking art this year can suggest taking a trip with their class. 

Entry to the temporary exhibition and permanent gallery is free for everyone under the age of 20. The museum consists of a timeline gallery showing you the history of art from the middle ages to the present day. The Treasury and The Old Library are additional parts of the museum that you might find interesting. If you happen to find yourself feeling hungry over the course of your visit there is a restaurant and cafe located next to the indoor sculpture garden. 

It is possible to enjoy lunch and see all the exhibitions in just one day, and take the chance to finish your visit with a look around the beautiful museum gift shop. A great place to buy gifts or mementos from your visit.