My Favourite Resources for the Diploma Program

Tess L. give us her run down on the best online resources for IB students.

My Favourite Resources for the Diploma Program

As a first-year student in the DP program at SIS, I’ve come to appreciate certain resources that have been instrumental in helping me succeed. In this article, I’d like to share four of my favourite IB resources, along with some tips for effective studying.

Revision Village

My go-to resource for IB maths is Revision Village, which has been ranked as the #1 resource for this subject. The site offers options for all maths courses (AA HL, AI HL, AA SL, and AI SL), and within each course, you’ll find four sections: question bank, practice exams, key concepts videos, and past papers. Not only does it provide detailed videos for every aspect of the syllabus, but it also offers plenty of IB-style practice questions to improve your maths skills. Moreover, the site has recently expanded to include physics, biology, and chemistry, which makes it even more valuable. While it may be a bit pricey, I believe it’s well worth the investment.


For flashcards, I’ve been using Brainscape for the past two months and have found it to be extremely helpful. This platform lets you create and use flashcards for subjects such as biology, geography, ESS, psychology, and history. It’s easy to make great flashcards, and you can track your progress to identify areas that require more revision. What’s more, you can use flashcards created by other users, which saves time and effort.

Save My Exams

Save My Exams is another great resource that offers assistance for IB economics, all maths courses, physics, biology, and chemistry. The site provides access to practice papers, revision notes, and topic questions. I primarily use it for physics revision, thanks to the detailed and easy-to-follow notes. Best of all, many sections of the site are available for free.


Lastly, for iPad users, GoodNotes is my all-time favourite app for school. It’s not just the best note-taking app, in my opinion, but it also lets you organise your notes in folders and notebooks, record lectures, and annotate PDFs. One feature I love is the ability to share and airdrop notes to friends, which is helpful when you miss a class and need to catch up.

I hope you find these resources as useful as I have, and that my tips for studying help you succeed in your IB program.