The Inheritance Games – Hard to Stop Reading.

Grade 7s love reading. Here is one of their reviews.


Nandana with her book

The Inheritance Games is the first book in the series The Inheritance Games written by the famous author Jennifer Lynn Barnes. It is about a poor teenage girl named Avery Kylie Grambs who unexpectedly inherits billions of dollars from Tobias Hawthorne, one of the richest philanthropists in America. Tobias’ family, on the other hand, get almost nothing of the fortune. She assumes that they all will despise her, but instead Tobias’ four grandsons Nash, Grayson, Jameson, and Alexander team up with Avery to find out why she was chosen. They follow their late grandfather’s clues and play a game- their grandfather’s last game- full of mystery, secrets, and life-threatening situations. 

I really enjoyed this book. The author kept me wanting to read until the very last page through a variety of things. There was an interesting start to the story that introduced the characters in a clear way. The author wrote in a very descriptive, eye-catching style of writing throughout the whole book. There were many different incredible characters and there were numerous plot twists that made me excited to read. There was also a cliffhanger at the end of the book which was a little bit infuriating as a reader but only because it made me want to read the second book as soon as possible. One thing I particularly liked about The Inheritance Games was how mysterious it was until the end. The author wrote the plot twists in a way that made the book really exciting to read. Another thing was the characters. Each character was introduced and described in a very detailed and unique way. Some of them were very serious and lived their lives with regret while others were all about fun and were sarcastic all the time. My favourite characters in this book were Grayson, the second oldest Hawthorne brother, and Avery, the female protagonist. I liked Avery because she is very smart and is able to solve all of Tobias’ riddles quickly and usually independently. She is clever and a quick thinker. She is just as good at riddles as the Hawthornes even though they have been solving their grandfather’s puzzles all their lives. Grayson is another one of my favourite characters because he is very smart, funny, and sarcastic. He is very knowledgeable about subjects including business, law, etc. and is definitely a perfectionist. The characters are slightly unrealistic because of how much money and how many talents they have but they are very likeable. 

The story was great but the author could have written in more detail about how Avery changed when she inherited the money and she met the Hawthornes so the readers would understand the character and feel like a part of the book even better. I think the author should have added more detail to not just the game but to other things as well. For example, it would also have been nice to have read about Avery and the others’ feelings and thoughts throughout the story. Maybe a few illustrations along the way would have helped the readers picture the scenes better in their minds. The text was very descriptive so I think it would have been quite interesting to see pictures of those details as well. One last thing is that sometimes it was a little bit confusing and difficult to understand exactly what was going on. I think this was because of all the plot twists and additional bits of information that were added to the story every few chapters. I think the author should have thought more about when to give more information and context, etc. so it wouldn’t be so startling when it came. The order of the story including the plot twists was what made the story so suspenseful to read but at the same time it was confusing and left many questions unanswered.   

In conclusion, I think that The Inheritance Games is a great book to read for people who like mystery. It is a fictional story with some romance and a lot of mystery. I loved the way the author described everything in detail including the characters and the individual scenes. On the other hand, it was slightly confusing sometimes. Despite this, I give this book 9 out of 10 stars.