Emotions and Conflict in Animal Farm

Our grade 7s have been reading a lot and would like to share their views with you.


Animal Farm was published on the 17th of August in 1945, and written by George Orwell. The book was an immediate hit and is still adored to this day. It is supposed to be an interpretation of the Russian Revolution but through the lives of animals.

It’s about a group of animals on a farm creating a communist society and winning freedom against the owner of Manor Farm. 

Some significant characters in the story are Snowball, Napoleon, and Boxer. Snowball is a strong and passionate leader who cares about the farm and his community. Boxer is a strong worker who won’t stop until he gets something done. While Napoleon is a smart animal who runs the entire farm. 

I believe that to make this book better is to have more background to some of the characters to show why they act as they do. I would have also liked it if they included more description about the surroundings and how the farm looked and how the animals looked.

The plot has many twists and turns, filled with cliffhangers that will get you hooked. I thoroughly enjoyed the part of the book where they had the War Of The Windmill. I loved this part of the book because it was very exciting and also nerve-racking, especially when the windmill got knocked down. 

The windmill was demolished due to the fight between the men and all the animals.

 I enjoyed reading this book because you can start to feel emotional and connected to the characters in the book and you feel as if you are one of them. I felt especially emotional when it was winter and the animals were low on food and were dying due to lack of food. 

As has been demonstrated I believe that Animal Farm is an amazing book that everyone should read because it includes everything, from animals to suspense, mystery, etc.

I would recommend this book to everyone between the ages of 12 and above because it teaches you about communism.  

Star Rating:

4 / 5 stars