Personal Project Impresses Once Again

The grade 10 event of the year – the personal project. Here is the QQ’s take on the exciting and fascinating exhibition that was the culmination of months of hard work.

Sheila K. and Momo L.

This year’s personal project exhibition was amazing. Each project showed the passion and creativity of the grade 10s. The grade 10 students seemed so relieved and happy to be finished, because the process of creating their personal project was stressful and it required a lot of time and attention.The students were satisfied with what they created.The whole building was full of astonishing projects. Each OPG room contained different themes – the arts and design, science, social sciences, video and performance, webpages, and literature. The QQ reporters explored each room and got some insights from the students about their projects. Here are some of the projects we looked at.

OPG 13: Social Sciences

Nekhil B. – Podcast Promoting Voting

Nekhil B expressed his interests in politics in his personal project by creating a 7 minute podcast about how young people should vote.

“Interested in politics and going to study politics in college “ – Nekhil B. 

He interviewed his classmates and most of them said that they had no idea about politics. Most of them are Swedish and he  expected them to know about Swedish politics. However, when they were asked a few questions such as “ what is this party”-  most of them had no idea. He also interviewed the head of IDEA which is the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance They are based in Sweden,  and are an intergovernmental organisation that supports sustainable democracy worldwide. They work with 30 countries like India, Kenya etc.. From this organisation he got the idea that no city or country is perfect. There are problems like immigration. Crime can be anything.  There’s always issues that need to be fixed and you can’t expect these to be fixed if you can actively participate in the voting and political procedures.

“I’m satisfied with my work and the most challenging part of the project was time management. Getting it done in a limited amount of time was a lot of work “- Nekhil B. 

OPG 8: Literature

Sreelehya M. – A book about NASA and the Moon

Sreelehya made a book by combining her interest in NASA, the moon and literature. The book is about a girl who traveled to space. She wrote a book because she is interested in space and storytelling.The story was about a girl called Emma who is fascinated by outer space and dreams of becoming an astronaut. She created questions related to the space facts which were hidden in the book and gave people who got 3 questions right a piece of candy. She used this test method to share her interest with her audience. She learned several skills during the development of her personal project.

“I learned how to write a story through this personal project “ – Sreelehya M.

OPG 3: Computer Sciences

Sarah M. – Environmental Webpage

Sarah Miller coded her own environmental webpage using a specific program. She stated that it was a  stressful process to create it as it was her first time coding, and it was quite difficult to do. She took online coding courses to be able to make the website. She explained that the most challenging part of her coding journey was remembering all the codes and learning how to code by hand. She was able to make the website with her brother’s help as he  specializes in coding.

“Whenever I got stressed about it, I asked my brother to help me.  I don’t think I will do coding as my major in the future “ – Sarah M.

OPG 10: Natural Sciences and Sports

Sebastian Z. – Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell

Sebastian Z. created dye-sensitized solar cells which produced Solar power. He made it out of the dye in raspberries.When the raspberry dye is  struck by light an electron gets kicked out of the dye. It gets excited when an electron is released.He discovered how different substances react as solar power energy through experiment trials.

“I am really passionate about physics and its mechanisms..” – Sebastian Z. 

“The most challenging thing that I experienced while creating my project is that materials that I ordered for the experiment came really late. Much more than I expected, so I had to rush to complete the actions on time. There was also lots of writing required which was very difficult when I hadn’t completed my tests.” – Sebastian Z.

Aaryan B.  – Weight lifting videos 

Aaryan created a workout plan, his project really expressed the interest and passion for working out and going to the gym.The workout plan included needed knowledge for people who want to start working out  such as: Fundamentals of Hypertrophy Nutrition Knowledge, Basic Anatomy Knowledge,Workout Videos Following the Workout Plan, Optimising Sleep for Maximum Recovery  and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Section.He briefed us through the his plan and we learned a lot like the value of sleep, meal planning etc.Overall Aaryan was very proud of his accomplishments during the personal project process.However he did face some challenges in between but he was able to produces an amazing product that reflects him and his interests.

“Time management was the most challenging part. It was hard to follow the plan I made and set up my priorities in order. I struggled to sleep because there was lots of work to complete.”- Aaryan B.

Try his plan here.

Kristers P. – Motorcycles and their Engines

Kristers P. made an engine for his motorcycle. He is infatuated with motorcycles, The personal project was very personal for him as he used to ride motorcycles a lot back in his home country Latvia.He enjoyed the whole process as it is something that he is intrigued by.He had to do a lot of research in order to figure out which engine works best with his motorcycle.Ordering the materials was also a hassle for they were exotic and took a long period to be shipped to Stockholm.

“ Time management was one of the biggest things that I had to solve.”- Kristers P.

OPG 2: Performances and Videos

Varun G. – Video and performance

Varun learned to play the guitar as a hobby.Even though he’s been playing for a few months, his guitar skills showed the passion he had for guitar. He asked people who came and looked at his project to request songs and he would immediately play them  based on the guitar code he searched. Not only did he portray excellent skills in guitar playing but he sang as well.His project definitely showcased his interest towards music and he really enjoyed the process. The project was not not difficult for him to complete. He did it as a hobby and it didn’t feel like a task that he needed to complete in the limited amount of time. 

“Playing 5 chords was the most challenging part of the project. It gave me cuts on my fingers while practicing “ – Varun G.

OPG 7: Art and Design

Linnea B – Fidget Jewellery 

Linnea created pieces of fidget jewellery that were made out of crystal stones and wires. The necklace was made out of crystals that spins around providing a soothing feeling. The bracelet was made with a special technique, the beads were allowed to run through the bracelet. The rings were made with a similar technique. It was her first time making her own jewellery, but it wasn’t too hard to make pieces of jewellery. The most challenging part was deciding on what topic to do for the personal project exhibition. She took 1 hour and half to create a piece of jewellery 

“For my personal project, I wanted to create a tool to relieve anxiety.I decided to make jewellery that had crystals that roll, slide or spin which would create a repetitive movement to calm the person who is using it “ – Linnea B. 

Julia A – A dress 

Julia used prior experience to come up with the idea for her personal project. She designed and sewed the dress. She created a traditional Chinese dress because she used to live in China. The dress had some writing that was in Chinese. Her goal was to learn how to sew and it  took her around a month to learn how to sew. 

“It was hard to decide on the topic but then I was also very straightforward on what I wanted to do for my personal project “ – Julia A.

Overall all the projects are a significant part of the final year of the MYP: A lot of imagination, innovation and individuality was communicated in the exhibition. Moreover, all of the students were happy with their results and were deeply satisfied with the work they produced. However, time management was a recurring issue which they were able to overcome and successfully finish their personal project journey on time. A big thanks to Ms Söderström for coordinating and leading the grade 10s through the process this year.